Zuckerberg denies that Facebook has stolen technology

Mark Zuckerberg denies that Facebook stole Oculus VR tech

Mark Zuckerberg usually wear jeans, a plain shirt and a sweatshirt. But in federal court in Dallas, has worn a suit and tie to deny that Facebook and Oculus stolen technology in the development of Oculus Rift, virtual reality your device.

Zuckerberg denies that Facebook has stolen technologyOculus and Facebook have been accused or ZeniMax and id Software of stealing technology that was implemented in Oculus Rift, its virtual reality device.

The founder and CEO of Facebook

said that “Oculus products are based on technology Oculus” and that has been put before the court because he believes the allegations, “are false and it is important to testify saying that.”

ZeniMax is a major producer of video games. Under whose label video games like The Elder Scrolls V published: Skyrim, Fallout or Doom. One of the main drivers of technology in Oculus, John Carmack, id Software abandoned, one of the studies ZeniMax in 2014.

However, Carmack worked in both companies for some time. It seems that this relationship seems to be the source of part of the struggle, for which ZeniMax requires $ 2 billion in damages to Facebook.

Oculus, in the spotlight

Zuckerberg denies that Facebook has stolen technologyThe two tech giants seem willing to reach the ultimate consequences of this process and have presented their arguments. Zuckerberg will ensure that ZeniMax did not appreciate the value of virtual reality enough. While ZeniMax will simply accuse Carmack of stealing intellectual property from the company.

Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 by 2.000 billion dollars (1.876 billion euros). This acquisition made interest in virtual reality increase significantly over the last few years. Although no format or device has yet been imposed to take advantage of this new technology.

This trial is not the only recent problem of Facebook with its acquisition. During the US election, it was discovered that Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, was funding a campaign of online harassment and ‘trolling’ in favor of Donald Trump. Since then, Luckey has had a very low profile in the company and has not had public appearances.

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