Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

Did you know that the Web page loading speed and performance can have major impacts on ranking also have better placement in Google and other search engine results?
A site that takes a long time to load will end up tiring the user. Who without thinking twice, will close the browser tab and almost surely never visit again. The Web page loading speed also affects SEO position. Obviously, it affects the position that web page have in search results.
The Web page loading speed is one of many factors that affect the SEO position in search engine. That page loads smoothly is important for both users and search engines. In fact, speed matters a lot. Without going further, a fast loading web page increases user retention and fidelity. And also leads to a higher number of conversions (sales) and reduces technological costs.
Although many load factors are external (for example, social network widgets ) and we can not control them. And many others are within our reach, so we must try to optimize the performance of those who depend on website and the server in which we stayed. It’s known as WPO, the acronym of “Web performance optimization”.Web page loading Speed and Performance test toolsBelow, we compile a list of best tools that measuring the load time. And also allow us to know what factors we can improve so that our websites load in a much faster and optimized way.

Why websites load slowly

The most common reason why websites load slowly is that they simply were not designed with speed in mind. Generally, the first step in creating a website is a “graphic designer” who creates templates based on the ideas of the site owner (that is often not technically good ). The main objective of the graphic designer is an attractive looking interface regardless of size. And the site owner (who generally has no technical skills), wants a lot of bells and whistles, again without appreciating the impact on performance.

The speed and performance of a website are points that most administrators and bloggers often overlook. Therefore, decreasing the number of visitors will be a simple consequence. If you have not yet optimized your site you can check out the tutorial on How to Install and Configure the WP Super Cache Plugin and improve the speed of your site with tips.

Web page loading Speed and Performance

To analyze and optimize the loading time of your website, there are many free speed test tools. And a few among them are the top scorers who provide something extra. I am sharing the best free web page loading speed and performance testing tools which will also provide you with some optimization tips after the analysis. These tools provide you with a deep insight into your website with time loading individual files on the web page. Then you have a clear idea about what makes your website slow and you can optimize it to reduce the loading time.

From these free tools, I personally recommend GTmetrix and Pingdom which are the most powerful on the list. GTmetrix analyzes website with different tools with a stronger view. While Pingdom stores their historical data to help check the variation. These free tools provide us with useful information to make websites load much faster. So analyze your website and start optimizing instantly with these tools.

Once you measure the performance of web page with PageSpeed Insights you should follow improvement recommendations. Especially those with a red exclamation mark.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the technical language of the recommendations, especially if you see them the first time.

Pingdom website speed test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

This Website Speed Test help for analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster. The Pingdom is the best tool for loading time test objects of your site – With this tool, you can measure web page loading speed and performance of HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, iframes, etc. You can see how fast each element on your site loads. Which allows you to implement speed and performance improvements to avoid any slowness. Once the test is complete, you have a summary where you can see the local loading time report, loading time for each element, element sizes and even the total number of elements.

Google PageSpeed Insights speed and performance test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

This is another powerful tool for measuring the web page loading speed and performance. This Pagespeed Insight is a Google tool to perform tests and also generates suggestions to make your site faster.

One of the best functions you find in Google PageSpeed Insights is that it measures the performance of your site on multiple devices, including desktops and mobile browsers. This is useful if your visitors are accessing your site from a variety of screen sizes and devices.

GTmetrix Speed and performance optimization

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

GTmetrix can help for develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience.

The GTmetrix generates a report that shows fully loading speed of the website. As well as a detailed report and suggesting ways for improving the web page loading speed for improve the performance.

GTmetrix analysis for CSS, JavaScript, Content, and even server response time. All are marked with priority indexes.

WebPagetest Performance and optimization test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

With this online tool, run a free Web page loading speed and performance test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds.

You can choose the country and the browser to perform different performance tests in one place. The WebPagetest gives the option to simulate, how would the speed of access to your site from the 4 corners of the earth. And also offers advanced settings such as connection type, the minimum time for the test, emulating mobile devices, test systems that require user and password, among many others. After analyze the results will provide rich diagnostic information including Page Speed optimization checks, resource loading waterfall charts, and also suggestions for the web page loading speed improvements.

The WebPagetest perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, content blocking, video capture, and much more. It’s the best tool to analyze the entire web page loading speed and performance.

WebToolHub Loading speed test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

The WebToolHub offers you valuable information on the Web page loading speed and performance. See the page size, load time for different connection speeds.With this tool, you can see information about CSS, Javascript, and images that are used in the pages of your site.

It’s an excellent online tool to test the Web page loading speed and performance of your site, content, and scripts.

Website Speed Test website speed and performance test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

Website Speed Test is an online tool mostly used by administrators and bloggers which provide valuable information about the Web page loading speed and performance. With this online tool, you can check all the details for domain resolution, loading scripts, images and various files.

YSlow Browser Plugin speed test analyzer

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

A solution to get close, installed in your browser. The YSlow Browser is a plugin that can be used in various browsers. And it imposes high-performance rules for measuring the Web page loading speed and performance.

It lets you track the performance of any website you are visiting. It is great for assisting you to comparisons with local competitors and of course within your niche.

P3 (Performance Profiler Plugin) performance analyzer

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

The P3 plugin is a very powerful plugin tool for WordPress Dashboard. It creates a performance profile for all existing plugins in your WP and also measuring the impact on the site load time.

This tool is most important because the slow loading can be due to badly configured plugins or the large number of them. The P3 is compatible with most browsers except IE8 or lower.

Gomez Networks Performance and optimization test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

The Gomez Networks offers a complete test to Web page loading speed and performance. Through this tool, you can perform an instant real-time test.

After performing the test you will follow:

DNS Lookup Time – How long takes the time in the browser to transform the hostname through an IP address.

Time Connection – How long takes the time to connect to a web server through a network.

The first byte – Interval between the time request from a web server when the first byte of requested data was received, among several other areas.

WebWait website performance testWeb page loading Speed and Performance test tools

The WebWait is a tool that works as a timer to test for theWeb page loading speed and performance. It performs several tests until it reaches an average speed. Time tends to be accurate because it pulls the whole site to your browser.

Therefore, it takes Ajax, Javascript, manipulation and loading of images – which many tools usually ignore.

Dotcom-Monitor web page loading speed test

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

Dotcom-Monitor is a best free speed test tool which allow users to test their website from 20 different locations form worldwide, including cloud based tests (Amazon). Once test is complete, users can select “details,” drilling into robust performance reports. In this tool you may also select any browser which you like to test from. This test supports IE, Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome and many mobile browsers including Apple iPhone, iPad. Dotcom-Monitor is continually performance tools to help designers, developers and webmasters to improve their Web page loading speed and performance experience.      

MonitIs website performance tool

Web page loading Speed and Performance test tools

No any software to buy for performance test or look after. Just get online, sign up and you are up. With this free online tool, access your monitoring anywhere. Just enter the URL of your website to instantly test the Web page loading speed and performance of all the elements. You can test from the Europe, US, and Asia simultaneously.

Important tip

When you conducted your testing and realized that hosting servers may be compromising Web page loading speed and performance. In this case, the best thing is, to switch one that is more robust and prepared and meet the needs of your business.


Not just work on the layout, style, and content optimized on your site. You should provide a more enjoyable navigation to your readers to target the points that directly influence the Web page loading speed and performance.

The list of tools that mentioned here is an excellent help to analyze what caused of slowness. And most importantly, what can be improved. So start your tests today and get a site faster and to the point.

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