Tracking Services: Google-Services Dominate Online Tracking

Online tracking services
Webmasters can track all your movements and activities on the web– even if you have already cleared your browsing cache, history and deleted all cookies.
  1. List Building: To compile a list of visited domains by users, even if they have cleared their browsing history
  2. Tracking Cookies: To tag users with a tracking cookie that will persist even after they have deleted all cookies

There are at least 81 000 online tracking services that accompany Internet users on their journey through the network. This is what IT security researchers at Princeton University have found in the biggest study of its kind, in which they analyzed the world’s largest websites. These third parties know in detail what the users are interested in.


One million sites were examined for the study, in January total was 90 million (Http) sent inquiries. But even if 81 000 have found services that researchers come to the conclusion that regular Internet users are likely to meet only a fraction of it during the daily surfing. Indeed, the investigation has also found that only 123 of all tracking services are on more than one percent of all websites.

Tracking Services: Googe-Services Dominate Online Tracking“These results could be a bit of a surprise to the reader, given the countless reports of an explosion when tracking by third parties,” it says in the paper the researchers Steven Englehardt and Arvind Narayanan. Your data suggests that the market has consolidated.

Data protection experts discuss content providers

 The results of the study bring more clarity to a debate that is out heatedly for years. On the one hand, there are data protectors who are warning of tracking services, as they feel that they are too deeply involved in the user’s privacy. On the other hand, there are content providers, which point to declining revenues from the advertising business. The fronts are so hardened that an attempt to settle the question by industry-wide. In fact, after five years of discussion failed.

To define what is a tracker, the researchers have based on lists, work on the basis Adblocker. So services that advertising cut out of sites so that the user no longer sees the ads.

Tracking Services:

Tracking Services: Googe-Services Dominate Online TrackingUsers can also have different reasons – apart from switching ads. Netflix looks closely at its customers in their film consumption. On the basis of the collected data, they are proposed new films and Netflix remembers, in which season, in what sequence a user is currently. The Viralleaps uses tracking services to establish a subscription model. Regular visitors are reminded that they read many articles. And researching and writing these articles costs money. The criticism of tracking services is mainly directed against the advertising business.

The first five places in the Princeton survey are exclusively Google products. Doubleclick, for example, is used to sell advertising space on websites. 447 963 sites bind him. Within the Top 20, there are 12 services that include Google ( uses the Google AdSense service). “Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the only third-party providers that are present on more than ten percent of all websites”.  This could also be due to the fact that all three platforms allow users to share content quickly in social networks. Also, uses these sharing buttons.

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