Privacy on Facebook: You should do to protect your privacy on Facebook

For Privacy on Facebook Hide your data, photos, videos and messages from strange looks. Facebook is the social network where you will find your old school friends , practically almost all your family and your colleagues and bosses past, present and who knows if future.

On Facebook you can share with the world anything : text messages, photos, videos, links and even where you are at the moment or if you are attending a public event, such as a concert or a football game. But do you do it consciously or carelessly?

If you access the Facebook settings you will find endless options for categories, but it is not always easy to know what you have to play and where is this or that option with which to keep certain personal details only visible in the eyes of your closest friends.

Review the privacy shortcuts

Facebook tries to simplify its configuration options to the maximum. That is why for some time now it offers a reduced version with the most relevant to protect your privacy on Facebook. From the Facebook page, simply click on the padlock icon in the upper right corner to open the Privacy Shortcuts .

Privacy on Facebook: You should do to protect your privacy on Facebook

Three simple questions that will save you time and worry: Who can see my things? Who can contact me? How do I prevent someone from bothering me?

Clicking on them will have the opportunity to choose who you will see your posts (everyone or public , just your friends on Facebook or just you) and who can send you friend requests (any or just friends of friends).

The third option is to blacklist Facebook users who annoy or insult you . You can use a username or an email account.

View your profile as if you were someone else

Privacy on Facebook: You should do to protect your privacy on Facebook

With your user account, you will see your profile in full, of course. how do others see you? Do you see too much? From Shortcuts privacy> Who can see my stuff> What to see others in my biography can click View as and see your profile as any or one of your contacts , as the name you specify in the top field of the page.

You will also find this option from your profile, by clicking to the right of View activity log and then View as …

Limit the audience of your old posts

If you use Facebook for some time and have found that by default you share everything with everyone, you can set limits also shared in the past as clicking on a single link.

From Settings , which you will find in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of Facebook, go to Privacy> Who can see my stuff? and limits the audience of your old publications in your biography can click the button Limit old publications .

Any content shared in the past from your profile, such as messages, photos, places, videos or links, will only be available to your Facebook friends and to those who are tagged .

Disappears from searches

If in addition to controlling who asks you for friendship and who sees your messages and other content, you also want to leave the searches of people, you can do it from Settings> Privacy> Who can find me?.

Specifically, you have the possibility to exit the results of searches outside Facebook, such as Google and who can look for you on Facebook from your email or your phone number. The options are All , Friends of my friends and Friends.

Take a look at the basics of privacy

Facebook has recently launched a page designed to answer frequently asked privacy questions.

With the name of Basic aspects of privacy you will find questions with your solution in relation to aspects such as privacy, security, advertising on Facebook and its data policy. Surely find the answer to any doubt you have about it.

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