Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

Are you looking for the Google AdSense optimized themes for WordPress?

If you have a website monetized with Google AdSense you will surely know that the placement of the ads, as well as the size of the ads, are great importance in order to increase your clickthrough rate and eventually increase your earnings. Being able to have Google AdSense optimized themes for WordPress in order to insert AdSense advertising.

One of the best ways to achieve this balance is by using Google AdSense optimized themes for your website.

One important issue is that the template or theme that we use in WordPress Is optimized for use of Google ads on it or not.

Best Google Adsense optimized themes are the great way to increase your clickthrough rate, by designing small details that really make the difference, as well as placing the ads and the size of the ads themselves are vital, despite Which may seem like a trivial matter. Several companies have been working hard to offer WordPress themes that are Google AdSense optimized to increase your clickthrough rate. These Google Adsense optimized themes are for the purpose to get the perfect balance between ads and content. The ads must be present, but do not be annoying or seem embarrassed since the content must remain king.

Adsense is by far the easiest method for monetizing a simple web page like blogs, niche websites, magazines, news and forums as it does not require any technical knowledge to set up and use. It is also the best CPC network thanks to its high popularity and high competition among advertisers.

That’s why today I’m going to make a compilation of the best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress.

The Best Google Adsense Optimized themes

These themes all make it incredibly easy to display and manage Google AdSense adverts on your website. Other features found in some of the best Google AdSense optimized themes include a selection of high-quality homepage designs and templates for your site’s inner pages, countless customization options, and settings, as well as some kind of page builder tool for creating your own custom page designs.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for Worldpress

AdsOs is a clean, minimalist and totally responsive Google AdSense optimized themes, SEO and ultrafast performance. This is probably the fastest loading theme in this collection and scored the highest score in Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTmetrix. This theme has multiple response ad units that will ensure that you can get the highest percentage of user clicks on any device, such as desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

This is the right topic if you are looking for a modern clean WordPress theme that will help you maximize your Google AdSense revenue in any niche. The most important part of any website monetized by advertising is how easy it is to manage and display those ads on your site. AdOs is a full Google Adsense optimized themes that stand out for its minimalist and responsive design, fast loading and comes with several blocks for ads specially designed to achieve a higher percentage of clicks. It’s a modern theme that can help you maximize your AdSense revenue in virtually any niche.

MH Magazine

Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

This is also another Google Adsense optimized themes that are geared towards blogging technology news, fashion, travel or for any other magazine style website. MH Magazine is a fully mobile responsive AdSense-optimized theme that will ensure your blog or website generates click-based revenue, no matter what devices your visitors are using. The theme comes with several widget areas that make it easy to place AdSense ads or even other banner codes. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme also gives you lots of advanced content layouts to choose from, full-color control over your website, and lots of other customization options. The news ticker is another handy feature in MH Magazine that will help draw visitors into your site.

It is also a WordPress theme with an unlimited color palette, clean design, responsive and of course also a web template optimized for SEO. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme lets you easily arrange the elements of your front-page, all through a user-friendly drag and drop interface. You’ll find plenty of ad locations, of all shapes and sizes, as well as more than 20 widget areas for displaying your AdSense ads or other types of ad content to your visitors.  The intuitive FlexSlider 2 content slideshow tool makes adding post and image sliders to your website a breeze too.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

This is a Premium Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress with many design features. As well as options for placing AdSense ads in more profitable areas. For example, it comes with two spaces to place ads between posts that will help you get a much higher CTR. It also supports all popular web browsers, comes with custom widgets, unlimited colors, responsive design and a panel of options.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

This Google Adsense optimized themes ideal for humor, entertainment or news websites. The theme comes with several zones for ads that are perfect for AdSense and other advertising with banners. There are also unlimited colors and nice typography for reading panel options. And Options for customizing the background image, header, logo, and favicon. Even supports the Infinite Scroll, ie scrolling page without end.

ViralPress is a WordPress theme clean and stylish grid very suitable for news sites or blogs, humor sites, and much more. The theme has several zones for ads that are well suited for Adsense and other banner ads. ViralPress has a strong integration of social exchange so that its content is viral. This theme comes with powerful and easy-to-use theme options for changing the color scheme, customizing the layout, installing tracking analysis, AdSense code, and making other changes. ViralPress is a great and fully Google AdSense optimized themes if you are looking to create website driven by social traffic, like BuzzFeed, 9gag, and others.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

TrueMag is a highly flexible video and magazine WordPress theme that comes with multiple layout configurations. This is the best Google Adsense optimized themes. If you are Publishing videos from around the web, TrueMag gives you an attractive way of doing so, with the option of monetizing that content using Google AdSense or others ad network. This is a responsive WordPress theme that ensures the presence of ads regardless of the device from which the site is accessed; It has two different designs depending on the tone of the page. Better yet, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce and you have clearly defined the areas where you can place AdSense advertising to get the best performance of the ads blending perfectly with the content. TrueMag’s integrations allow you to create your own custom page layouts. And also add powerful content, video, and image sliders and carousels to your website.

The TrueMag theme is sensitive, ensuring the presence of ads regardless of the device being used. It comes with two design options one lighter and one darker. What’s more, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce. And its strong point is the easy integration of your ads as it comes fully prepared so you can add the optimized advertising without the need to use plugins or touch the source code. TrueMag comes complete with the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin and the Slider Revolution plugin. With the social network, discussion forum, and membership compatibility, building a community around your content is a breeze with TrueMag.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

While there does not seem to be a lot of pre-set space for ads, it’s obvious where they could go, which is a good feature of the site. It has a smooth and responsive design Offers compatibility of Aqua Resizer, to facilitate drag-resizing edges of images and other visual elements. It aims to support all ad sizes, which makes sense. An interesting feature is that a custom 404 page has been designed.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

The Newspaper has been created for websites that feature a steady stream of content. Whether that is news, reviews, or just a high-frequency blog. The newspaper comes with a dazzling array of features. This theme is one of the best rated and most used for WordPress. It is an ideal theme for online magazines and newspapers and integrates well with Woocommerce, Buddypress, and bbPress. This theme is widely used for Adsense as it is well Google AdSense optimized themes.

The Newspaper will even automatically detect Google AdSense code and ensure those adverts are displayed responsively to readers on smartphone and tablet devices. NewsPaper also has strong support for embedding YouTube videos making it a real multimedia powerhouse. The Newspaper theme comes with a large selection of templates and layouts, giving you lots of flexibility.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress, and it also Google AdSense optimized themes. It’s retina clever; SEO optimized and adapts very well to other languages. It is a theme that is well optimized to place your ads. This is a theme with a very nice and clean design ideal for technology blogs, magazines and much more …


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

This theme has a sensible design, sidebars, and unlimited colors are retina ready and have several mail widgets. This is only compatible with bbPress. It comes along with the multilingual WPML plugin, which opens up a literal world of opportunity to its owners and visitors.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

The theme is, like any other theme at the moment. It is fully Google AdSense optimized themes, with an agile design and a clean and customizable design. This theme is very attractive and can be used for countless sites. As well as personal blogs, magazines, viral content sites and much more.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

Creating a blog or magazine website with this fantastic design is very easy. It is easy to use and is optimized for both AdSense and popular plugins. This best Google AdSense optimized themes that will surely not disappoint you.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

Ad slots are Widgetized, which means you just have to click and save for placement of your ads. Sounds wonderful. It has social media compatibility and supports an unlimited number of colors and backgrounds. They have even added some nice additional features that are allowing you to completely customize your own control panel to make it “look nicer”. This Google AdSense optimized themes are fast and SEO optimized.


Best Google Adsense optimized themes for WordPress

TruePixel has been created by the team of  MyThemeShop. The benefits of this theme are better page load time with widgets. TruePixel is a theme with clean code and a clean design. It has been optimized for both increased click through rates of your ads and improved site speed. Of course, is sensible and fully Google AdSense optimized themes as well as for SEO and any other type of optimization that you can imagine. It does come with two distinct layout options. Which give you an extra level of flexibility for how your site will look and how it’s structured. In short, it is a very clean and minimalist theme.


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