How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being Rejected


How To Apply For Google Adsense

How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being RejectedGoogle AdSense. One of the easiest, most reliable and professional ways to make money online by showing your passion for writing and sharing your knowledge. Google AdSense has earned the trust of many advertisers and publishers in recent years. And generally, do not accept random someone who is trying to apply for an account. To ensure that your account is accepted. You must display a professional website, if not Google simply reject your application.

Statistics say that Google AdSense accepts only 3 counts of receiving 1,000 applications every day. If they are trying to approve your account or you have been rejected previously, follow these simple instructions to get your own AdSense account as soon as possible.

Maybe with these tips do not approve you instantly but certainly, help you to give you an idea of what you are missing.

So before you start, be sure to follow these lines without leaving behind any recommendation or your request will be rejected again and if you are rejected several times you will be disabled from Adsense and you will not be able to send a request. Remember that everything I mention here counts.

So here we go, the most important to follow before applying for tips Google AdSense are:

Minimum Posts / Articles / Pages:

How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being Rejected

If you use WordPress, make sure your website/blog has at least 40 quality items that are not copied from anywhere else. Its content in the articles should be extremely enriching and be sure to use images, where you think, are necessary.

Try to include two items longer than 2000 words each, these should be quite interesting to readers who visit your website. If you use HTML or any other CMS version, make sure you have at least 50 pages on your website in the form of articles or landing pages.

If you are not applying the above information on your website, Google may reject your request saying he is content insufficient or unacceptable site content. So make sure there is enough content on your internet site before you apply for the program. More content, better chances of approval.

Forbidden web themes:

Statistics show that your account will go through an approval process faster if you have more items quality health, Internet Marketing, business, law, technology, entrepreneurship, travel, lifestyle and Social Media.
Google qualify its application as a serious offense if your website contains any prohibited content listed in this link: Hl = en

Avoid third-party ads or programs:

Before applying to AdSense, make sure that you have not placed any other banner ads within your website. Google (employees) take a look at their website manually and hate viewing third-party ads installed on their website. Stay away from Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo ads or any other third party network to get a clean first impression on your website from Adsense. Also, stay away from affiliate links like Amazon, Clickbank or any other until your account is approved.

Web site design and user experience:

How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being Rejected

Google always wants its users to get the best experience while browsing through any website they refer. Maintaining a clean design with good navigation user experience and increase your chances of being approved on the first try.

This is one of the top tips that many people overlook. Google believes that if you keep that professional touch on your site, you might be willing to go back and click on the relevant ads that appear in their content.  So be sure to keep a neat and clean design before applying to AdSense.

Google Analytics code:

Add a code Google Analytics on your website is a trust factor for approval. Adding Analytics to your website shows that your visitors are being tracked and you take the statistics of users who visit your website seriously.

If you have not created an account, click here to register for the program. Once registered, get your tracking code where it says new account on the accounts tab and enter your website name, URL and other necessary details. Place the code on each page of your website to track the data instantly.

Create an XML map:

Installing a sitemap on your site can help aa bots that search engines can index your site faster Internet, resulting in another trust factor.
Creating a sitemap does not take too long. If you use WordPress, I recommend ” Google XML Sitemaps ” by Arne Brachhold. And if you use any other platform, I recommend researching XML-Sitemaps for more information.

Alexa Rank:

Does Google AdSense consider its position in Alexa Rank? This has always been a debate as many people disagree that Google does not care about its overall ranking. Trust me, I think this is one of the most important things you can not leave unnoticed.
How can someone quickly judge on the performance of a website? The answer is simple, and it’s your Alexa ranking. So be sure to install the Alexa toolbar and read this article on how to boost the ranking of Alexa.

Note: Before applying to AdSense, make sure your Alexa world ranking is less than 400K for a faster approval process. Generally, the site above this range is considered as new.

Important pages:

Google wants to know your identity before registering to your AdSense program. So make sure you create the following pages on your internet site as soon as possible.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Contact
  • Cookie Policy
  • About Us (write your name and address with which he applied AdSense account)

In the page “Who we are” clearly mention who you are and what the end of the creation of that site, As long as it is clearer, the better the chances of your approval. Avoid misspellings, grammar in doing so.

Custom domain

How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being Rejected

Many people get create websites through blog spot and free WordPress platforms to apply in AdSense. But take into account that AdSense takes a more personalized domain rather than the free domain name. Investing $ 2 in a domain name is not a big problem and I would recommend it if you would really like to be part of the Google family.

Avoids having to send a second request to Adsense, I recommend buying your domain HOSTINGER, domains are cheaper than elsewhere and leave you free hosting.

Decent traffic:

Although a lot of portals and forums mention that Google AdSense does not require a certain amount of visits to approve their own, yet still recommend to have a decent traffic.

Give your blog a few weeks old (at least 2 months) prior to applying for the AdSense program. I always recommend getting a minimum of 50 visitors a day. If your website is not getting enough web traffic, the chances of rejection are much greater.

Once your website is ready with all these tips, click here to apply to Adsense and make sure you have read the terms and conditions of AdSense for more information about the program.

How to get approved Google Adsense Without Being RejectedLeave your comment to see if you have done the process well. And if your AdSense was rejected despite following all these steps, write me to and I’ll give you free advice. Continue browsing Winning with Adsense for more interesting articles!

1. Web Design

One of the most important points is the design value of the Web and design colors. I am honestly not an expert in graphic design, however, my websites do not have colors that damage sight. Basically, your design does not look like a brothel, the best is a white background with black text, offers simplicity and good readability.

2. The content

Now they have become very serious about the issue of quality content, it is important that before submitting your website have at least 30 items correctly written.

To get should make a content strategy and whenever you optimize the text for search engines make sure they are quality for users.

By the way, do not bother sending websites with content copied, speed or translated with an online translator. Those who value the site are people and they’re not going to fool as if they were the search.

3. Legal Information

Another important point is that your site contains a page legal notice where you indicate cookies your website uses both tools as Google, ie, Adsense, Analytics and etc …

4. Subjects allowed

Your website has to comply with the program policies in terms of themes. Basically, it can not contain direct and/or indirect references to illegal downloads, betting, pornography or explicit violence websites. That is, you can not talk about the topics mentioned and you can not link them.

5. Conclusion

Fulfilling those four points should be approved as a Google Adsense publisher. However, keep in mind that once admitted you have to continue to comply with all Google Adsense policies. Google workers will continue to review your website periodically. In case you find something that violates your terms, you can suspend your account and take away the profits.

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