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Buy traffic for AdSense

There are many services out there that can increase traffic to your site, including pay-per-click solutions to connect advertisers and publishers, as well as search engines and directory sites.

Place AdSense on a blog is one of the first ways that many bloggers start to monetize their sites. Some large sites that run Google Adsense alone manage to make incredible amounts of money.

Most others who monetize with other companies end up making a few cents or just a few dollars a month. Others analyze your site and decide that the only reason they are not making huge checks with AdSense is the lack of traffic.

A small blog with hundreds of visitors a month will not generate much although most of them interact with the ads. Then they decide to buy traffic.

Is it safe to buy traffic for monetized sites with AdSense? Do they endanger your AdSense account, or cause a month-end revenue discount?

Avoid very cheap traffic 

Buy traffic for Google AdSense is it safe? | AdSense Safe TrafficThere are dozens if not hundreds of companies and people out there that will offer you “quality” traffic at a very low price. Even some of them will offer you guarantees that your traffic is 100% secure for Adsense

How can you pass up an opportunity for thousands of visitors, when those visits are converted directly into money through the AdSense program? You can get thousands of visits from Fiverr for a month, or you can get them at thousands of more expensive sites.

The problem, of course, is that most of this traffic sucks. 80% will come from software. Some of the sites that offer Adsense traffic only try to sell their own traffic generation software. Software-based Traffic is all business for those who offer it except for those who buy it and try to make money with it.

Bad traffic, as you can see, does nothing for you. They will not click on your ads and will not buy your products because there are no real people behind it. It’s never really secure for AdSense.

Google can and will detect the fact that your traffic comes from software. It could make a few dollars, or it could generate a few months before it is detected, but sooner or later you are going to be discovered. There’s nothing you can do to stop that.

If you are buying low-quality traffic for a few cents. The end result will be that you close your account for violation of AdSense terms and conditions.

Buy Legitimate Traffic

Contrary to popular belief, buying traffic is not completely prohibited for sites using AdSense. Here I show you in the words of Google:

In other words, Google does not care if you are buying traffic while traffic is legitimate.

PPC is the main legitimate method for buying traffic, although some high-quality services and visitor exchanges are also valid.

The point is that you are paying money for people to visit your site. It does not matter if you are giving that money to people on the street or you are giving it to Facebook in exchange for advertising space. Remember that it is your business and you should not lose more than you are going to earn.

If you are buying traffic you should be cautious as the time can come where your traffic starts to fail in quality. Where it starts to look more like robot traffic or traffic purchased only for ads, according to the program’s policies:

  • You should not buy invalid clicks or clicks traffic, ranging from clicking on your own ads to using automated software to click on your ads.
  • Should not buy traffic in a misleading way.
  • You should not buy traffic with the expectation that users will click on your ads.
  • You should not offer compensation in exchange for clicks on your ads

Avoid overpaying PPC traffic

Speaking of PPC traffic, you have the same problem as any other means of buying legitimate traffic; The excessive purchase. PPC traffic is hard to get and is incredibly easy to spend more than you should.

Defining a reasonable budget, working to optimize your conversions and specifying placements is an essential skill you need to learn.

And do you know any legitimate traffic source? Share it in a comment.

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