How to avoid being blocked by Google Adsense

A problem that affects all users of Google Adsense is being blocked.

This should not happen at any moment, you will be sent a notification of the error that you are committing and if you do not want your user to be suspended you must correct whatever it is that you should not do.

It is not recommended for violating its policies which are given to you to open an account at Google Adsense.

It is important to remember and keep in mind that you only have to publish your own content. For no reason publish articles with copyright, whether novels, series, cartoons or movies. Because in case this happens your account will be disabled. In this article, I explain how you can make your own items.

Also keep in mind that you can only place a maximum of 3 Adsense ads on each website.

For your ease of use, here will show you a bit more about Google Adsense

What are the reasons why my account can be disabled?

  • Do not make many publications or at least regularly:

At the beginning of your Google Adsense tour, you need to constantly make high-quality publications to attract readers who are interested in supporting you in your projects.

  • Make bad ad placement:

When placing your ads is essential to be visible or placed in strategic locations or else you will not receive clicks.

  • Do not make coherent contexts

Remember that the end of your article that will be processed by a robot and if you’ve done is somewhat confusing or not – specific content, it is true that the robot will be confused and will not process your information and no ads on the subject will be displayed.

  • Click on your own ads

Many times or at least most users intend to generate much faster profits by clicking on their own ads. A serious mistake, you will never receive that money since your account will be suspended.

  • Highlight your ads

It is proven that most people do not click on this type of ads because sometimes they think they are viruses.

  • If you lose traffic or visits

We all know that the key when generating revenue is traffic, regardless of the monetization method you use. If you do not regularly have visitors, there will be very few clicks you receive.

These are just one of the most common mistakes made by Adsense users. For these things not to happen you must keep in mind the Adsense policies

Here I will leave you a little on them …

Google Adsense Policies

  • The publishers will not be able to use means to artificially increase their impressions, let alone click themselves.
  • The individual should not ask third parties to click on their ads or use deceptive offers to obtain them.
  • Adsense codes may not be used on pages that violate our content guidelines. This includes adult ad pages, violent or promoting racism.
  • Do not post copyrighted articles. Unless you have the legal rights to do so
  • Do not relate Google to web pages with ads that promote or offer the sale of counterfeit products
  • Also, do not include Google in web pages that receive traffic coming from certain sources.
  • As long as it does not harm advertisers or artificially increase ad performance, publishers can make changes to the Adsense ad code.

There are many others but these are the most outstanding, remember that in order to get the desired profits you must be attentive to the messages that may be sending constantly to your account. Do not fall for simple bugs like artificial increases in your ads.

More about Google Adsense …

There are many people who may not have gotten all the money they hoped for, but this is not using the correct terms or not taking the necessary steps to upload our ads and content to the web.

There are many other doubts you probably can have, here are the most common:

How much does it cost to use it?

Nothing, Adsense is completely free

What are the differences between Adsense content and search?

In the first one will appear ads that may be related to what users see on your site but if you want you can delete some.

While the second you could place a search engine on your website to earn income with the contents that appear.

How much do I earn from google?

This can vary, it’s all in a number of clicks you can get on a daily basis and the quality of your ads.

3 ways to win with Google:

– cost per clicks – cost per thousand impressions – AdSense search. The latter is only achieved if the user decides to search from your website and click on any result.

What is the best location for my ad?

There is no doubt that it is in the middle of your website

Which formats give the best results?

160 × 600-300 × 250 and 728 × 90

Can I put Google Adsense on another web page or blog?

You will have a code as a user that you can install on the page you want, but make sure that they comply with the policies.

Hopefully, all these questions and tips will be very useful when working with Adsense, do not forget to leave a comment if you have any questions and if you liked my article.

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